I work full time as a consultant, developing communities of practice around Intensive Interaction and Musical interaction in collaboration with education and care settings.

I am an expert trainer and social learning leader and specialise in practical, experiential and thought provoking training to organisations involved in the care of people living with autism, learning disabilities, dementia and mental health problems.

I can offer INSET and CPD in Intensive Interaction, Musical Interaction, Social Learning and Understanding ‘Challenging’ Behaviour.  Scroll down to learn more.

Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction is an evidence based approach to developing rapport and relationship with people with servere communication disabilities arising from autism, learning disabilities or dementia.

The principle of the approach is to celebrate the person for who they are by joining in with the person’s in-the-moment interests and behaviour.  An effective approach to non-verbal communication, Intensive Interaction is an important person centred practice in the context of learning disability, autism and dementia care.

I work full-time as a freelance trainer and practitioner, offering consultancy, and acclaimed INSET and CPD training days to education and residential care settings with a focus on how to embed practice and develop systems of recording.


Musical Interaction

Participatory, inclusive music making is a powerful approach to meeting the needs of people at risk of social isolation due to a communication disability.  Underpinned by the practice of Intensive Interaction, person-centred dementia care and research into rapport and empathy, Musical Interaction is a very immediate way to promote wellbeing through creativity and social engagement.

I have worked with people and music since 2001 and have worked extensively in the UK and abroad in both education settings, residential services and hospitals providing care for people living with dementia, autism, learning disabilities, mental health problems.

“It was a brilliant day and was inspiring to see what you do with the children… best course ever!”

Wendy Atkinson, Birley Spa Primary School, Sheffield, March 2017

Social Learning

All the training and work that I offer is underpinned by the social learning and communities of practice theory as developed by Etienne Wenger and Bev-Wenger Trayner.  The principle of communities of practice is to facilitate learning through groups of people with shared interests getting their heads together to understand and develop a practice.  A good example of this would be a chess club, where a group of people voluntarily turn up at the club and play chess together, thereby learning practice ie. how the pieces move, basic strategies and ultimately the deep principles.  The true understanding comes from both the knowledge of the game and the experience of playing it.

I was fortunate enough to train intensively with Etienne and Bev and now apply the principles of social learning to all my work.  As a result, and also informed by my background in community arts and qigong teaching, I am recognised for a very practical, thought provoking and enjoyable approach to all the training I offer.



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