Musical Interaction Training Day

Last week I delivered the first ‘Understanding Musical Interaction’ training day at Woolley Wood School.  The day was for teachers and teaching assistants working in SEN settings who were interested in the use of music and communication with children with special needs.  My aim for the day was for participants to pick up the principles of the work and be able to apply them in the context of their workplace.
IMG_1907The approach is thoroughly grounded in Intensive Interaction so we investigated the principles by engaging in experiential learning activities and reflecting on footage of sessions that have taken place at Woolley Wood.  A special element of this course was the opportunity to participate in a music circle with children from Woolley Wood so that attendees could see the work in practice.  The afternoon was spent making music, understanding the repertoire and learning how to play the kalimba, a musical instrument that was included in the course fee that each participant could take back to their school.  I enjoyed the day throughly and included below is some of the feedback from the participants.
The next ‘Understanding Musical Interaction’ training day is on March 10th 2015.  For more information see
“Perfect in every way” Sue Brear, Rowan School, Sheffield
“The way this course has been delivered is inspiring and I feel excited about trying these things (principles) not just in school but in social situations with friends! :0)” Matthew Grayling, Woolley Wood School, Sheffield
“I feel I understand the theory behind the practice in a much deeper way” Matthew Blackwell, Tameside Music Service
“Videos we are useful way of showing and defining Intensive Interaction. Fundamentals were explained very clearly through the games and discussions at the beginning of the day” Matthew Grayling, Woolley Wood School, Sheffield
“I can see clearly how musical interaction and intensive interaction are linked.  Everything comes from the child and during music sessions when we go from the child we see a better response” Bev Cotterill, Woolley Wood School, Sheffield
6 out of 6 delegates said they have a clearer understanding of the benefits of musical and intensive interaction.
6 out of 6 delegates said that they feel more confident to try to apply the principles in their school.
6 out of 6 delegates rated the Delivery, Content, Venue and Resources as excellent

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