Intensive Interaction Recording Sheets

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The intensive interaction recording sheets that I use have gone through many revisions over the years and change depending on the context too.  At Woolley Wood implementing a consistent system of recording is hot on the agenda this year and, because the teachers have many recording systems in place for other observations,  I spent some time over the summer trying to find an efficient method of recording that charts progress.
The idea was to create a form that could show progress in terms of new interaction behaviours becoming the norm.  The form needed to be efficient so that it could be filled in quickly (while still being a useful record) and also leave room for som
eone to add detail if they have more time.  I also use the form to focus staff attention on the things that they should be looking for hence the mention of staff enjoyment (with smileys) and eye contact types for example.   Whether I have succeeded or not will be evident as we put it into practice :0) The form will no doubt be revised as we progress through the year at Woolley Wood School (this is already the third revision!) and I will post updates as things evolve.  Thanks to Graham Firth, Dave Hewett and Mark Barber for their contributions to interaction records that I have absorbed over the years.
The form is available to download below.
Matthew Laurie Interaction Record Oct 14

  • Make a note of meaningful two-way interactions and indicate how typical the interaction is by using the relevant box.
  • For each row fill in one box only i.e.  typical, rarely seen, or never seen before.
  • Fill in the box using words to briefly describe the context of the interaction and cues.
  • Indicate whether you enjoyed the interaction (or not) using the smileys as shown below.

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