Recent Feedback

Several collaborators have emailed with feedback for my work.
After working in Athens in March 2014 I received the following feedback from Areti at the Athens Alzheimers Association:
Finally interesting was the successful effort of the musician from Richard’s team to sing in Greek with the below lyrics: Kala ekei pou eimastan, kala ekei pou pame. All participants were amused and delighted of the music and dance intervention.   

Mark Harmer, a musician who is doing some excellent Music in Health work in Gloucestershire, emailed me with the following comment:
[Thanks to] Matt Laurie for that very good presentation at the Opus symposium last year about communities of practice which was a wonderful inspiration about inviting people into your practice as a musician – I found that really helpful.
And from Amanda Kougioufa, President of the Greek Dance Therapy Association
Yes! We blended really organically if I may use this expression…such lively moments in deed. The way you picked up the tunes is amazing! I am open to any collaboration with you!