Istanbul Folkloric Dance, Music and Dementia

I am looking forward to visiting Istanbul in June to study the application of Folkloric Dance and Music with people living with dementia.  I will be supporting Dr Richard Coaten in the delivery of workshops for artists and care partners and the delivery of dance and music sessions at several day care centres in Istanbul.   During the trip there will have time to play with Turkish musicians and learn the principles of the folk music with a view to being able to apply these ideas in the UK following the trip.  I will also be helping in the development of a core team in Istanbul for a future collaboration in a european therapeutic dance project.

Recent Feedback

Several collaborators have emailed with feedback for my work.
After working in Athens in March 2014 I received the following feedback from Areti at the Athens Alzheimers Association:
Finally interesting was the successful effort of the musician from Richard’s team to sing in Greek with the below lyrics: Kala ekei pou eimastan, kala ekei pou pame. All participants were amused and delighted of the music and dance intervention.   

Mark Harmer, a musician who is doing some excellent Music in Health work in Gloucestershire, emailed me with the following comment:
[Thanks to] Matt Laurie for that very good presentation at the Opus symposium last year about communities of practice which was a wonderful inspiration about inviting people into your practice as a musician – I found that really helpful.
And from Amanda Kougioufa, President of the Greek Dance Therapy Association
Yes! We blended really organically if I may use this expression…such lively moments in deed. The way you picked up the tunes is amazing! I am open to any collaboration with you!