Music is a way for people to be together

I have recently been commissioned by the Older Peoples Arts Forum to deliver a series of music and storytelling sessions in residential care homes. Today I have delivered a training session for the activity co-ordinators from the homes that will be involved. We sang familiar songs and I told one of my favourite folk tales before introducing some hand chimes and making music together. We had a lot of fun – here are some of the comments:

“I found the workshop very enjoyable although singing is way outside my comfort zone. Your enthusiasm was catching and at no time did I feel under pressure. The direction was excellent and effortless and lots of fun. Thank you”

“Really enjoyed the session, you have a lovely relaxed way about you which puts people at ease. I also like the person centred approach you have, it creates something special.”

“I found session very interesting and fun. Residents will love it.”