Seminar at Royal Calderdale Hospital

Today Lee Sass and I travelled up to Royal Calderdale Hospital in Halifax to deliver a seminar to staff working in the acute mental health wards. We delivered the work alongside Dr Richard Coaten, Dance and Movement Psychotherapist, and the session was very well received. We talked about the importance of collaboration between nursing staff and artists and we discussed the specialist skills of an artist and the benefits of employing an artist within a residential care setting. We also introduced the concept of communities of practice as an approach to developing a sustainable practice. Feedback from the session follows:

“Fantastic session, made me feel passionate about providing use of arts in my practice and on the ward I work on. I always believe there is more that medication, we are all pieces of a jigsaw in somebodies recovery. Art expression and creativity is key in this!”

Katy Hodgson, Occupational Therapist

“I now feel empowered to use the arts and will suggest using arts in the recovery for service users”

Judith Bagnall, Support time recovery worker

“Great use of activity to clearly demonstrate the meaning/importance of arts in health”

Richard Bates, Occupational Therapist