Derbyshire Arts in Health Conference

Just arrived back from the Arts Derbyshire conference on Arts in Health, The event was very useful indeed and there were many opportunities for some enlightening conversation. I was delivering a Storytelling for wellbeing workshop and here is some of the feedback…

“How exhilarating this workshop has been – fun – thought provoking. Thank you Matthew”

“Engaging and thought provoking”

“Very interesting workshop. It was thought provoking. Hopefully I will be able to use what learned here today in my workplace and also probably in my personal life. Group interactions was very good to break the ice”

“Using imagery to tell stories for me allows all participants to be involved – even if they sit quietly they can still engage”

“I enjoyed it – time passed very quickly”

“Thought provoking – it is speaking about our experiences that we learn about ourselves too!”