Resources: Auris Glockenspiel

This is the first post in a series about instruments and resources that I have found useful in my work.  My hope is that my experience can be of use to other practitioners. 
Auris makes some beautiful instruments that are very practical for my work.  This is a seven note glockenspiel that is tuned d,e,g,a,b,d,e which is good for playing in G major, E minor and D. It is very well tuned and makes a very clear tone. The wooden construction is very solid, aesthetically pleasing and feels more appropriate for giving to adults than many glockenspiels of this size that may be made for children.  For me it is very useful as it fits easily in my shoulder bag so I can carry it all the time.  For spontaneous musical interaction using a tuned instrument I will tend to introduce this instrument or the iPad. 
The glockenspiel cost me about £40 from Other tuning are also available.