Handchimes at Woodlands

Less Sass and I had an excellent session at woodlands MHU today. It was our first day working together in the unit and the first opportunity to try out the new set of handchimes.  We held a 45m session in the foyer space between the three wards and then invited patients and staff to join in.  After an exciting 10m of dancing and singing, I introduced the chimes and we played together.  By using a pentatonic scale I could let people play whenever they wished rather than try to teach a tune which would have been difficult for patients considering their level of health. The session was very well received as the comments below show:
“The session was absolutely fab, I can’t think of a better way to start the week” Gail, Occupational Therapist
“One patient is usually very shy but once he got up and danced he loved it and to see him smile like that was vey moving”